Manchester Roadhouse  8/8/00

Bad sound, bad start.  The feedback is totally drowning out the sound despite Holly’s attempt to distract their attention by contorting her body in rhythm to the musicHolly
Three numbers in a new one, `Reynard the Fox’ in introduced and we seemingly start the gig.  The taut  plastic punk pop that Angelic are so good at starts to emerge from the soundfield of distortion and feedback
Time’s made up and the crowd begins to join in.  It’s hot, sweaty and frantic.  The band were stood at the side of the stage watching and enjoying Astrid as they played their set, and now they themselves are aiming to give something out for the crowd to enjoy
Hollys’ stage persona has grown with experience, enticing the enthusiastic boppers with ditties such as `Velvet Dreams’ and `Sea Shanty’. Mixed in are newies such as `Liberation is Wasted on Me’, one that is aimed at the women, taking sides with them, in the eternal battle of the sexes.   Recent tunes make regulars such as `Kitten’ seem like novelty records such is the progress that has been made
Audience participation in the Roadhouse is taken a step further when two of the audience are brought onto the stage to act as backing dancers
Now the crowd is really moshing.  Now Holly is teasing the crowd, her stage presence more confident, more teasing.  Now she’s half in the crowd, half out.  Lucky fellas.  Then they’re gone, leaving them wanting more
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