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Cohesion Launch Party
Supported by Manchester Aid to Kosovo (MaK) &
Mines Advisory Group (MAG)
Salford Lowry Centre 30/1/0

A worthy cause (or 2), naive enthusiasm (it will only take 8 weeks or so, instead of the eventual 18 months).   A noble idea born of frustration at the inability to do anything worthwhile except to sit back and to listen to the news reports.
No doubt an element of alcohol was involved. Thus the idea for a CD compilation of tracks by Manchester bands to help[ the citizens of Kosovo evolved.   Picked up by Pam Dawes whilst sat in the Britannia Inn, Urmston from the efforts of the Malarkey family
Music and worthy causes have successfully collaborated before, normally with the implicit suggestion that the standard of the music tends to drop as the importance of the cause increase, with the resultant disc being filed in the more inaccessible places of the record collection.
This time, try things in reverse.   Listen to the CD on musical quality alone, then think about the cause.   There is a diversity of influences and sufficient variety to contain something that both appeals to most people and also introduces them to an unexpected pleasant bonus that would not normally be within their sphere of listening.
And when you have found that you enjoy it, then you'll have the added bonus of feeling that by sitting back and listening, you have actually contributed to helping the plight of someone with your £16.45 contribution.   
Not a bad deal eh?
So it is with Homelands, not a group that will be appearing at the Roadhouse or the Night & Day, simply because they would fill the venues with band members.   Tonight they produced a stunning feast of aural delights within the 3 songs previewed.   Combining double bass, violins, weird and wonderful percussive effects that re-inforce a pure, striking, voice, into a sweeping array of images, seemingly from haunting elegies to swathes of sound and that would not be out of place in a western epic.
Light relief was supplied during the auction section of the evening in which Badly Drawn Boy was seen (and photographed) outbidding himself for the return of his woolly hat that had apparently been `nicked' over the weekend.   Thus with his left hand, he bid £500 only to be outbid as he raised his right hand signalling a bid of £600.   This did not deter would be bidders from increasing their price, until Damon eventually saw off all challengers with an offer of £1500.   All told, £3220 was raised via the auction
Present were a people from a diverse range of occupations who have actively supported the organisations, from lorry drivers making regular trips abroad, to teachers of some of the Kosovars now living in Manchester, to leading figures, Tim Carstairs, involved with MAG
There was still a heavy emphasis on the CD in its own right, and the sumptuous setting of Salford's Lowry Centre, with its sound system providing an acoustically ideal setting for performers such as Jane Weaver, Nathan, Dark Flowers (Feat. Melanie Williams, formerly contributor to Sub Sub etc.), My Mate Mark, Annabelle Lawson,and Damon himself who closed the evening with a track from his LP
"When barriers end and structures break down Cohesion is what is required"
Cohesion: Available from most Record shops from 12/2/01, on the i-CollectiV label
More information: Contact Pam Dawes Email:
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