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Lemming Rain
Glam Slam

There a healthy crowd for 4:30 on a Sunday afternoon and the competition to identify if the VINYL  being played by DJ Lord Mongo is the original or a cover version, and if so by whom, is under way
The video screen is brought into play and for an hour BOLAN LIVES.  Yes, he’s there with Cilla, with Elton, with hair and without.   The ingredients are slowly being added to the event, and that’s without mentioning the alcohol.
Mr Rain
God Sister Helen open the musical proceedings with a slowed down `Can the Can’ and for once I can hear and understand the main lyrics.  The guitar beat replaced by keyboards, providing a more threatening rendition than the original, sugar coated pop.  Half way through the  beat picks up like a run away lorry and crashes to through to the end.
Glammed up, glitter laden, and getting right into the mood of the occasion, Desolation
Angels take the stage and promptly give a rocket fuelled version of `Personality Crisis’ that sears across the years, sounding as vibrant and strong as the original.  As quickly as they took the stage they depart, leaving a vacuum that is not easily filled. But to go on would undermine the rational of playing one number then loving and leaving them.   Whoever follows will have to be good.
And they are.  Decked out in white, the distinctly 90/00’s Ali G glasses prominent, `Los Nachos’, promising to give us `Rock’n’Roll’, launch into the Kiss original of `Detroit Rock City’.  I’m not even bothered what the original sounds like, this one will more than do for me.
All change.  Lemming Rain totally takes `Mam We’er All Crazee Now’ apart, dissects it before re-assembling the components so that the heart remains the same but the sound is completely different from the original. Mathew AKA Lemming Rain Simple keyboards, samples of the original being squeezed through the aural equivalent of a mangle to provide a flat, almost ironic cover version.  Were not all crazy, some of us are very clever aren’t we Mr. Rain?

Jackie O relive the Stooges `TV Eye' & B:Fab UK take apart `Blockbuster', the pace of the evening picking up nicely for an ever filling crowd.
We want more but then it comes to a gradual halt.    I want the next band and I want it now.  Err.. except we don’t get it.   There’s a hold up.  The drummer with Bunny is 45 minutes late.            Jays’ left with the decision of whether or not to move things around.
There’s only a small number of times I want to see the Nimble add. After all, most of the punter here today wont remember, but I lived though it once.
But Bunny are now on stage, belting through `Virginia Plain’ but perhaps with a bit too much respect to the original.
The delay means that the remaining time needs the band to close up time wise, and Misty Dixon run through the first Bowie cover tonight, with `Suffragette City', again with maybe a bit too much respect.
I am Kloot come to the rescue with a stripped down version of `Children of the Revolution’, Johnny’s voice  re-defining the imagery.    Andy, hunched over his bass is oblivious to the fact that Johnny has fallen of his seat, but they take it all in their stride and continue on to rapturous applause
Then Clint & Co. move the equivalent of a power station onto the stage, slam into a fast and furious `Jean Genie’ segueing neatly into his own `White  No Sugar ‘ without missing a beat.
The crowd are up, they’re on the pitch so to speak, dancing jumping and trying to mosh in a group of 6 which isn’t recommenced, especially as I get clattered
Then it’s all over, nothing left but to disperse into the warm night air wondering what the next one (Madonna, October) will be like.
It's a shame that even on such a good natured occasion, there are still twats such as the one(s) who lifted the bag of the band member, with her phones & purse in whilst she was on stage.
Presented by Jay Taylor & Andy Woods
Running Order
God Sister Helen                   Can the Can                               Suzi Quatro
Desolation Angels                Personality Crisis                    New York Dolls
Los Nachos                           Detroit Rock City                     Kiss
Lemming Rain                      Mama We’er All Crazee Now  Slade
Jackie O                                 TV Eye                                          Stooges
B:Fab UK                              Blockbuster                                 Sweet
Bunny                                    Virginia Plain                               Roxy Music
Misty Dixon                          Suffragette City                           Bowie
I am Kloot                             Children of the Revolution       Marc Bolan
Clint Boon Experience     Jean Genie                                   Bowie
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